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Colortrac Smartlf Scanner Assembly. Page 13 of Repeat with the rear roller. Refit the 2 x pan head screws to secure both the bearings in place. Remove PSU by just pulling off the threaded studs. Remove the end cover and keep it, with the 5 x screws, in a safe place ready for re-assembling. Using a screwdriver through the hole, move the holes in line with each other.

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Don’t show me this message again. Completely remove the lid cover to reveal the inner cover plate. Check power source is supplying voltage. Remove the 5 x M5 Pan Head Screws colortrac smartlf ci 40 end cover to the scanner. Colrtrac the top cover to gain access to the pinch rollers and paper hold down rollers.

Can we help you? How Can We Help You? Reconnect the colortrac smartlf ci 40 cables to the display board. It is recommended that this process can only be repeated maximum of 10 times, the cables need to be replaced if it exceeds that amount of times. Re-fit the 4 x M4 nuts to fasten motor in place making sure the washers are in place behind the nuts.

Colortrac SmartLF Cx40m Service Manual

All-in-one scanning when you need it Finally, a true low cost wide format scanner! Remove rear panel for access to rear extrusion screws.

cilortrac Scan the original and share with your colleagues, then work online. Feed the timing belt onto both the paper hold colortrac smartlf ci 40 roller pulley and the pinch roller assembly pulley, and pull the pinch roller assembly until it slots into the post.

Gently lift the CIS mounting bracket out, being careful not to pull on the CIS cables that can be broken if pulled out of sockets incorrectly. Remove the Left Hand end cover as colortrac smartlf ci 40 chapter 5. Being careful of cables that might still be connected to the Main Board, push the new PSU onto the 4 threaded studs on the access panel.

A series of typical wide format document types will be displayed in sequence with two images shown side-by-side. Replace both the retaining brackets over either end of the rollers….

Colortrac Ltd assumes no responsibility for errors that may appear in this document. The Sartlf is not a large scanner but it is a large document scanner — designed to fill your wide scanning needs.

Lift the pinch colortrac smartlf ci 40 assembly colortrac smartlf ci 40 of the post, and carefully remove the timing belt from the end.

Page 10 of Replace the top lid cover in reverse order as described in chapter 5. Drop an M4 nut into the 7mm colorhrac for easy handling when putting the nuts onto the threaded stud. The SmartLF Ci 40 is: This manual also for: Cllortrac has also worked closely with its supplier to perfect new custom designed CIS modules with coolrtrac LEDs that strobe RGB light onto the original from both sides of the rod lens array.

Check for free movement when the brackets are screwed in place. Repeat for both sensors if necessary. Its SmartLF scanners define and lead every section of the wide colortrac smartlf ci 40 scanner market. Replace or re-fit the rollers and fit the belts around the appropriate roller pulley.

To open the rear access panel to be able to get to the Main Processor board and the PSU power supply unit: Making sure the CIS is seated right down in colortrac smartlf ci 40 slot, using an Allen key, tighten the 2 x grub screws until they are finger tight against the CIS. Remove the single M3 pan head screw to take the sensor off the bracket. Replace the Left Hand end cover in the reverse order of chapter 5.

Re-fit the cables to colortrac smartlf ci 40 sensor if they have Replace the cables at this point if required. Remove the 4 x M3 nuts underneath the display board using the 5. Repeat with the other screw.


Remove the 5 x screws that hold the CIS bracket down along the length. Pull the front roller and other bear from the locating hole in Right Hand end cast, and being careful of the front sensor cable. Lift the colortrac smartlf ci 40 completely from the CIS mounting bracket, and store If the glass is being replaced, fit in a safe place to prevent damage.

Refit or fit the new panel at this point the keypad panel with the keypad attached by inserting the 2 x M5 pan head screws with the cable hanging in the colortrac smartlf ci 40 of scanner. Page 43 Cx40 Service Manual 6. Looking for an A0 scanner?

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